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Wee, at least something worth posting about. Or maybe an excuse to not study? Hhmm..

Anyway, had a fun weekend this wekk. Friday night is the semester-ly Pubcrawl night, with the theme being Transpharmers.

There are 4 bars to visit, but i only went to the last two, Duke of York and London Tavern. Little drinking (Mum, i said LITTLE) and more time on the dance floor, tiring myself towards the end.

Picture thanks to Allen from Facebook. No, i mean Allen from Pharmacy course, but the picture is from Facebook.

After a good night of resting, head to church for Assumption Day. Then at night, i attended Nostalgia Night 09. It's a function organized by MASCA, to remember about the 50's era of P.Ramlee or something like that. Therefore the dress code is supposed to be either traditional cloths, or the 50's style. Had trouble fitting into a style that is nearly 40 years older than me, i decided to wear my shirt and tuck it in.

Picture courtesy of Jeremy from Facebook. Again, Jeremy from Pharmacy course, but picture from facebook.

Anyway, we were served Italian food at the Italian Centre (duh, if not what, Masala and Tandoori?). But i still find no connection between Malaysia and Italian cuisine. Nevertheless, the food was nice, at least not too cheesy that makes me nauseous if consumed too much.

The night reminds me of the time when i would watch P.Ramlee's movie, or in fact any other olden Malay movies (and not all of them are black and white ok??). Movies like Hang Tuah, Bujang Lapok and Ibu Mertuaku are indeed interesting and Ibu Mertuaku are somewhat touching and sad, revolving around the society's view on high class marriage. And funnily enough, i seem to be the only person from the table who can sing some of the songs played that night. Tsk Tsk table M.

Speaking of table, 2 of the lucky draw prize were won by our table members, namely Siew Mei with her 1GB Pendrive and Sie Ching with her iPod Shuffle. Well, yours truly who never won anything from a lucky draw before continues his streak. But doesn't matter, the stuffs to be won doesn't seem to be able to beat those that i already have...speakers, pendrive, ipod...would probably sell the thing off IF i were to win something.

Still waiting for my mugshot picture to appear. Be nice to me, and maybe i'll show u how i looked like if i were from 1955.
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At 8:06 pm, Blogger ~$ieW m3i~

i have so much to comment as i read through the post that i don't know where to start. wth.

eh you could have inserted a comma after /name followed by 'from Facebook', then won't that be clear enough that they're not, well, literally, from Facebook?

EXCUSE ME?! i sang the first line of Getaran Jiwa and you had to remind me it isn't the same as Belaian Jiwa but in actual fact, i was damn right ok? so you can go and scratch out the part on you being the ONLY person!

it matters! that was my first time winning lucky draw too and lemme tell you, the feeling was great although the prize wasn't! :)

i can't wait to see the mug shots! why are they taking so freaking long? haih.

anyway this is possibly the longest comment i have ever written and probably one of the (if not the first) longest comments you've ever received, so be appreciative! HAHA XD


At 9:28 pm, Blogger Brendan Fung

there there..i know i haven't update for a long time, but dun have to be so excited until post long comments ok? :P

that facebook thingy are purposely done. my english not that bad. and yes, i got ur point about Getaran jiwa. u're a good singer, rite?

enjoy ur prize then, and dun ask me, ask MASCA about the pics and...thank you.


At 2:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous


you look super 'a-go-go', or whatever they call it back then! haha.. pyro from the 90s... tucked in shirt, gel-ed back hair, leather belt and unbuttoned shirt that makes a V, hmm what else? ...sweeeEeet~ :P


At 6:35 pm, Blogger pyroboy1911

yeah, each of us have our photos taken before we enter the function hall, then they will edit it to look 50s and sell it. 3 pics for 5 bucks.

no idea what they call them haha but 90's? i tot 90's are more like...t shirts and jeans? 80's are like MJ haha....and i dun gel back my hair :P


At 8:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

wow! be sure to post the edited pictures~ and bout the hair.. hehx i'm sure your banana-hair-wax will do the trick! :P

mel to the 'rescue'~!

you'll kill me right. HAHAHAHA.

i'll sell the pics for $5 each. ^ ^ i'll be rich!


At 6:31 am, Anonymous jazz

yea.. so long already u hvn blog. finally got a post from u. hahaha..


At 7:44 pm, Blogger pyroboy1911

melk, those aren't banana wax!!

jazz, haha getting lazier and lazier to post...


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