Friday, February 27, 2009, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 1:09 pm
After nearly 3 months of holiday which seems so short, i am back in Adelaide, ready for another term of pharma-related subjects. It feels so weird when i opened my room's door, because it is exactly how it looks like when i left. As though i have never been anywhere, as if these 3 months never happen.

Anyways, i dun feel much when i returned. Probably because i already said my goodbyes to family when i left Doha, so flying from Bintulu to Adelaide doesn't seem that heavy. Of course goodbyes to my grandma and aunts, but that's all to it.

Now that i am back, stuffs that i need to do:

- Clean up my room a bit...when i left, it isnt exactly in a good condition.
- Stock up some food. when i left, i cleaned up my fridge so that no food is in it. Not to mention my maggi kari was confiscated by customs official due to it having "mixed spices".
- Get ready for uni. like duh...
- Plug my com to my speaker which i already did. Ooh~

Lodge is pretty empty, many are not back yet, and familiar faces have either left Adelaide or moved out. Seems like i will be one of the seniors now, and probably will be given the job of a duty officer, where for one night or two in a week, i will hold the master key and a walkie talkie so that if anything happens, people can contact me to solve the problem or if necessary, call the manager. the job cuts $20 off weekly rent, which is a good deal. Maybe i should apply soon...

Looking forward to meet friends again in these coming weeks!
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At 12:01 pm, Anonymous jazz

haha so much for bringing the maggi mee back.. kesian..


At 1:47 pm, Anonymous lynnx01

Time really flies huh. Next thing i hear, you would have graduated!


At 12:16 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

jazz: haha, yea...oh well.

lynnx01: haha time do fly fast, but graduation time is still long way to go :P


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