Thursday, January 29, 2009, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 3:46 am
This is the very first time i celebrated new year without my other relatives. Since my family will still be in Doha for the next few years, i guess for the years to come it will be the same too, celebrating Chinese New Year just like any other day.

A few nights before the new year itself, my family organized a dinner at our place. Rare i tell you, i never really remember any time in my life when family friends are invited over for dinner, usually it's us who were invited. At least we had that experience, and i must say it sure is a tiring thing to do, especially for my mum. So hard to imagine family like Sherp's who always invite people for lunches and dinners.

On the eve of CNY, we're invited by dad's friend for dinner together. that's three families, including Jas' and mine. Eating is the thing to do, but the finale of the night would be the contest between 2 sisters to see who can finish a piece of large currypuff-like dim sum the fastest. They took almost 4 minutes to finish something that i can finish in 1 minute...without trying.

And finally, the big day itself. Woke up at 9, wear my usual jersey and a short pants as my casual wear, and walked to Villa 14. Played cards, eat, play cards again, basketball, dinner, played those small sparkling thingy when you light it and swing it around (whatever you call it), played more cards, go home and sleep.

After that, its usual routine again till today. Unsatisfied with not having the most of CNY, i decided to buy this:

England away kit 2008-2010! Retail price: RM259. Bought it for QR80 = RM80. It's new, and it's red, what better CNY shirt can i hope for? ;)

Nonetheless, CNY wishes still must be wished. May the year of ox provide us with more food like beef soup noodle or beef steak. Oh, and a more prosperous year ahead after the rat churned all the food it ate and the shit came out in the form of global economy crisis.


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At 9:19 pm, Anonymous jazz

Thanks for linking yea.. trying to divide both sherp and my links hoh.

well, i guess it's ok with cleaning up. not that much to do anyway. just put them in the dishwasher.

the cooking? well, sherp and i helped mum so it's ok i guess.


At 6:32 am, Anonymous sherp

u can fini it in 1 min?!
u shd have eaten it then!
we were so full anyway. hahaha

i call the sparkling things sparklers! :D


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