Thursday, February 12, 2009, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 1:40 pm
It's been almost a week since i arrive in Bintulu. And as expected, i really have nothing to do here.

If you think my routine of wake up - lunch - com - gym - dinner - com - sleep with occasional things to do in between in Doha is boring, it's even worse here. it's wake up - breakfast - com - lunch - com - nap - dinner - com - sleep. Huh....

I met my friends on Tuesday night. we went for a few games of pool at 9pm, then chit chat a bit and by 11pm, we asked each other "where to go next?". Nobody has any idea, so we went home.

So, to kill of some time, i decided to play around with my jerseys. How to play with a shirt, you ask me? well...not exactly playing, but more like customizing. That is to mean to apply name and numbers on my empty shirts. For example, here's how a normal jersey looks in most of the shops:

Tools used are a ruler and an iron. Ruler to arrange where to apply the name and number set, and iron to....well, iron it down. The result:

Now my shirt has an identity! Applying name and number sets on a shirt ain't an easy thing. First of all, i must make sure the set are correct for that particular shirt. it varies according to teams, manufacturer of the shirt, year the shirt is used in or competition the shirt is used in, or a combination of any of those. You wouldn't want to have a BECKHAM 7 on a Malaysia jersey, it looks weird.

Positioning is also important, where to place the names and numbers, the gap between each letters, is it dimensionally straight and not crooked. That's not all, i'm playing around with iron, so a worst case scenario would be me burning my house down. Or i might just ruin the name and number set by melting it, or even burning a hole on my shirt. But it's fun customizing my own shirt, you may say it's some kind of a craft (and i know someone LOVES crafts) ;)

But i only spend 30 minutes for this shirt....back to boringness again.
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At 1:14 pm, Blogger ^mee yien^

I wonder if you have any other kind of shirts except jersey.


At 1:33 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

of coz i have, i'm not that poor.


At 2:52 pm, Anonymous sherp

i like CRAFT :)!
dont u wish u are still in qatar? at least still can play bball!


At 5:21 pm, Blogger - wen 531 -

at least u try sth different ma


At 5:30 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

sherp, u're de only person i know who likes craft that much. of coz qatar is better than here. dont you wish u are back there too?

wen, wah so supportive of me...i wish i have more to do lo...that would make me happy for a while haha!


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