Friday, February 06, 2009, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 4:43 am
I'm now sitting in the lounge in Doha Airport, surrounded by men with suits. Would have preferred sitting at Costa, can have a cup of coffee while writing this post, seems more "professional" ;)

Anyway, it seems like it's just a few days ago i reached Doha. 2 months just past like that, it's 1/6 of a year for crying out loud! Now i'm on my way back to Bintulu for a little more than 2 weeks, then off back to Adelaide, back to studying, back to routinized life.

From now on, no more sitting in the living room from morning till night, no more playing around in the playground at night, no more basketball session at the basketball stand that belongs to someone else, no more going out in the morning to shopping malls looking at girl's stuff, no more random cakes and titbits from mum or other aunties, no more movie nights or game sessions, no more gim rummy session as well. I guess i can still do those in 10 months time when i return end of this year, but 10 months is definitely a long wait.

Special thanks to mum and dad who either cook food or bring me out for dinner, so i have 2 months off from cooking. Thanks to my siblings as well, spending time with me whenever possible. Also thanks to Jas, Sherp and Ivy who will organize or join stuffs to do or else it will be a boring holidays, and also thanks to Auntie Vera for all the wonderful food, especially the Peking duck.

On the bright side, going back to Bintulu means i will get to visit grandma and aunts, as well as friends who are still not back to their respective places of study. Other than that....i guess there's nothing much to do either.

Till next time, logging off from Doha, marking an end to this chapter of my journey.
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At 2:53 pm, Blogger ^mee yien^

Still in time to celebrate chap goh meh!Haha..


At 1:52 am, Blogger Charlene

U r welcome, boy


At 10:52 am, Anonymous lynnx01

You are sick as well? Get well soon yea. Horrible to fall sick when you're away from home.


At 5:11 pm, Blogger Sherp

haha big thank you speech there, which isnt necessarily, as long as everyone had a great time!

aah i do miss the playground a lot! better yet, the playground will miss us! hahaha!


At 2:35 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

mee yien: chap goh meh nothing much lor...

lynnx01: not reli sick, just sore throat still not fully recover, it did but it starts to hurt a little again..

sherp: play ground have more other kids to entertain to miss us haha..i miss basketball time more...


At 4:24 am, Anonymous jazz

hahaha look forward to come back again. =)


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