Sunday, August 10, 2008, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 12:19 am
As usual, starting of a semester means boring things. Except a few walks around the mall and a trip to casino to see people losing and also use 1 dollar to play slots which charge you 1 cents per spin, practically i spend the rest of my time in the room.

But today, i bought a couple of pretty cool stuff. The first one will earn a long lecture from my mum, if she doesn't kill me first. But it's also what i always wanted to get, way back to when i'm 14 or 15.

anyways...TADAA!!!! Introducing the Squier Bullet Strat by Fender.You can see the exact same one with what i have at THIS wiki page about electric guitar, with only the fretboard being made of different wood.

"Our Bullet Strat with tremolo is a simple, affordable and practical guitar designed for beginners and students. A perfect choice for a first guitar no matter who you are or what style of music you want to learn. Welcome to the FenderĀ® family!"

Of course, mine is without the tremolo, as seen in the pic. The guitar itself have its own volume, treble and tone control, and also have the switch to change the sound of the guitar, from normal acoustic sound to electric metal sound.

A slender fretboard made of wood, forgot what its made of though. Mahogany or maple or whatever, it is definitely made from high class wood.

The headstock looks stylish too, with the guitar brand printed nicely on it.

Also, the guitar needs to come with an amplifier, else how would the sound come out? the amp also have its own volume, bass and treble tuner, so i can choose whether to use the guitar's or the amp's tuner by a click of a button on the amp.

Before you tsk tsk me, both this item is the cheapest available in the store. Not that i'm saying i'm sacrificing quality over price, but i notice that this cheap guitar actually sounds nicer than some more expensive ones. Of course it cannot compete with the $1000+ ones, but this one is just nice. Plus, i also get a guitar bag, the wire to connect the guitar to the amplifier, and 6 guitar picks as part of the purchase for free. The store allows us to take and play any guitar on display, so i have the privilege to play guitars worth thousands. My friend get to play a piano worth $45,000. Oh, i also saw this pink Hello Kitty Stratocaster in the store, sold for around $300+.

I am now looking for an adapter, which changes the big head of the guitar's wire to a normal 3.5mm jack head. If i can find it, i can easily bring my elec. guitar over to Qatar, plug it to any normal microphone holes on laptops, and can play it using any available speaker i can find there.

The second best thing i get is this piece:

A nice piece of formal yet stylish shirt. Looks expensive rite? take a guess of the price. After that, scroll down to see how close your answer matches the real price.

The price for this shirt is a mere $3.88.

That's right, i got it for around RM12. The reason is, i was walking around a shop called Target because my friends wanna buy some hoodies. Then i saw a row of shirt with the price $3.88 there. Feeling sceptical, i asked the sales assistant there about it. She took a while to ask here and there, and finally she told me i can buy the shirt for that price, but she remove the card with the price on it. Apparently, the price stated is a mistake.

So i got this one by myself, becaus others are not nice looking while some are too big for me. My friend bought another two, because he needed it for his teaching practicals at a primary school. After paying at the counter and get the receipt, i found out the actual price for my shirt is $23.90. See, I'm not a big spender, i'm a bargain hunter! Whoa, even mummy also cant beat my skill in getting bargains!

So dun think i am always wasting money ya, I always get good deals for the stuff i buy, you know!
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At 1:53 pm, Anonymous sherp

omgsh. electric guitar and amplifier! how cool!


At 3:31 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

yea, cool, i know ;)

I'll probably bring it over to Qatar, have found the adapter online. then i will let you TOUCH it :D


At 11:36 pm, Blogger - wen 531 -

i luv ur guitar !
how much u buy it?


At 1:41 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

price? secret :P


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