Tuesday, December 04, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:22 pm
If you all noticed, i was asked not to be naughty and drink and go to pubs and clubs in the Birthday Post. Well, i guess i'm not someone who will listen to advice.

Last Saturday night, after my grandma's birthday party, my cousins went out to town, so i tagged along. The first place we went would be the Blueberry Cafe. Chelsea vs West Ham was showing on the big screen outside, so we watched the match there. They wanted to try some cocktails, so i ordered White Lady. Not bad.

After i finished my drink, my cousin asked whether i want more drinks. I said "No". So, he ordered a mug of Carlsberg for me. I wonder what he would order for me if i had said "Yes". So, just as the match ended, i finished my mug of beverage, and we left.

After a round of drinking, our next destination is the Waves Pub in Parkcity Everly hotel for another round of drinking. Entrance fee was Rm20 per person including a bottle of drink, we got ourselves a seat with a good view of the gigs performing in front.

My cousin ordered 3 bottles of Heineken, since it came with the entrance fee. So i had my second round of beer. Personally, i prefer heineken. The band that night is not bad. Their sound can match with the real singers of the songs. To my surprise, the male singer of the band starts singing a cantonese song, while he is clearly someone from Philippines.

The next attraction is this guy who came from nowhere, and start singing the same song too. Man, did he bring up the whole place up. Singing with such passion, walking towards audiences, climbed chairs and tables as if he were having a concert or something. After the song ends, he started dancing to Shakira's song (correct me if i'm wrong).

We finished our drinks, went to have some porridge, then went back home.

People said you have to know your limits when drinking. Clearly i do not know mine. After a glass of cocktail and that much of beer, all i feel is a little bit of churning inside my stomach and the tendency to go to the toilet 3 times in an hour. My cousin said my face wasn't even red. I guess i was born to drink...

PS: Mum, dun blame me, blame those 2 cousins of mine ;)
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At 12:40 am, Blogger lynnx01

To avoid getting drunk, eat butter or drink milk. Heh.


At 12:46 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

hehe, i still do not know how it feels like to be drunk...


At 4:39 am, Blogger < u3! y!nG >

trust me, you won't like the feeling of being drunk. The hangover is really bad. And don't mix beer and wine, just telling you.


At 5:51 am, Blogger Sherp

i wana try too :) who cares abt itching. it will be worth it i think


At 8:54 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

uei ying: well, so far so good. haha!

sherp: i've seen ppl getting red face and puking because of drinking, but never itching before..haha!


At 6:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

hohoho. so u r naughty after all.
u wont wanna get drunk and puke, trust me. the stage to getting drunk is nice,but totally not when u r.drunk.literealy.


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