Saturday, December 01, 2007, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 9:51 am
Went back for this weekend to attend my grandma's wedding birthday celebration this Saturday. So i fly on AirAsia. On the flight, i was given an important job. I am the Emergency Door controller. My job is to open the emergency door in case of....emergency. See how important the job is? Your life depends on my action in case of an emergency. I determine whether everyone were saved or die. unfortunately, i don't have the chance to execute my job.

Sub-concious Voice: Shouldn't you be fortunate you don't have to do that?

Whatever. Anyway, now I'm back in Bintulu. Meet up with my friends last night, but it ended with only a meeting between 3 guys with insane hair-dos. then went to the new Park City Mall to get some stuff.

Played basketball this morning, meet up with more friends. Then had kampua, oh, the taste of u-know-what's oil.

Oh, did i mentioned i get my hair crazed-up? The reason i highlighted my hair is to scare of potential robbers who have the intention of robbing me or something. Something to do with me being scary or something like that.

You wanna mess with me?
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At 5:10 pm, Blogger |e.v.e Believes no more|

=.= i am not careful!


At 5:46 am, Blogger Sherp

:D ur hair is really awsome looking teehee. but i don think anyones gona be scared..


At 7:41 pm, Blogger < u3! y!nG >

Hair looks cool.


At 12:04 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

eve: Oh, my ego is crushing!

Sherp: Oh, you might as well kill me now!

uei ying: thanks.


At 1:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

WTH. hv u been rob b4?


At 6:11 pm, Blogger Pyroboy1911

no, but there had been attempts. Din you read about my post on the screwed up doors?

Anyway, anonymous, if next time someone uses anonymous and post comments like "Wanna have fun with me?" , i will consider it is u, ok? (the anonymous that i know, which beats the purpose of being anonymous).


At 8:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

i wanna have fun with you


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