Sunday, November 05, 2006, Blabbered by pyroboy1911 at 11:06 pm
Yea, so boring, i decided to watch a movie with one of the longest title in movie history...It's called "Confession Of A Teenage Drama Queen", or COATDQ in short.....well, i made that one up...anyway, it's about this girl named Lola who moved from New York to New Jersey, and made frens with a girl ,coz both of them like the same band....but in doing so, she made an enemy to prove to each other, both Lola and her rival are fighting for a character in the skool's play and also going to the band's the whole story started developing there...i gave it a 3.5/ when did i became a movie critics?

here are some pics to promote...hope Disney will pay me....hehe....

The front cover of the movie

Lola doing a hunger strike coz her mum din allow her to go to the concert...Like Mahatma Ghandi
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At 12:11 am, Blogger Sherp

creative title :P but you're not boring.. im going to ask my sis to dl this movie hehe.. saw it in the library but din borrow it


At 2:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous

i've watched that movie already.not once but a few times.
coz lindsay lohan is my fav actress :D


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