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Here's a recap of my Chinese New Year break:

Went back to Bintulu on Friday, arrived at around 1.45pm. since most of my friends only came back on Saturday, so i spend the rest of my day at my grandma's house. Nothing much on Saturday and Sunday, except a badminton outing with a few of the old gang.

Monday afternoon went for another badminton outing (what's with me and badminton anyway?) , and that night is the 5s4 gathering at Ice City. Obviously, we had ice at Ice City. After that we went to the brand new Park City Mall and within half an hour, we finished all three floors of the mega-small mall. Still got time to spare, we went to some malay stalls to have some drink and catch up with each other till 11.30pm.

Tuesday morning, had our routine basketball game at Taman Li Hua basketball court. Terrible shooting percentage, but got 4 blocks against the same person. He never learn...have to head home by 9am, coz of a dentist appointment at 10am. I was scheduled to only have a check on my teeth, so the dentist cannot fit any teeth cleaning session for me. Waited for about 20 minutes, enter the room, dentist use the mirror to look at my teeth for 5 seconds, and then said "OK, ur teeth is fine". WTF, i wasted the chance to enjoy myself with frens after the basketball match juz for a 5 second dentist visit?

The dentist then scheduled me for cleaning on wednesday at 10am, and during the buzzing and sucking and spitting and rinsing, the dentist and nurse keep on saying my teeth is in tip top condition. Weird, are holeless teeth uncommon? I do brush my teeth, but occasionally i do forgot to do so. I blame it on ADD. But the way the nurse is talking as if everyone bound to have a hole or two in their teeth, and my teeth is amazingly....crater-less. So yea, my teeth is still perfect, just like my eyesight.

Wednesday is New Year's Eve, so went to my paternal grandma's house for dinner at 5pm. This year my family is not in Bintulu, plus my uncle from Miri is not coming down to visit, so it's a relatively small crowd of 13 people. Then my father's eldest brother send me back to my maternal grandma's house, where i had another dinner. This year the celebration seems not as grand, with the fireworks and firecrakers showdown only lasted for about 15 minutes.

And finally, the first day of the year of the rat arrives! woke up at 6 to go to church, and went back home by 8.30pm. Unlike previous years, nobody came for bai nian until around 12pm. Usually by 10 oclock, my grandma's house will be packed with distance relatives, family friends and church members. The first group consist of a Father from Miri (forgot his name ler...), Bintulu's own deacon Peter Khoo, and a couple of alter servants. Around that time also, my auntie and family arrive from Miri, and the church community from Miri met again in Bintulu.

Then around 2.30pm when i was about to have my much needed sleep (wake up at 6 everyday for church or basketball), another group arrive. The whole house is sleeping, so i have to wake my aunties up. Visitors are family friends, who never failed to visit my grandma long as i remember. Then my paternal grandma and uncle came for a visit, and asked me to go over at night. Unfortunately i cannot make it, since their house is quite far away, and nobody wanted to go visiting with me.

Instead, that night, my cousin invited everyone to have a game of blackjack, so i joined him, my aunt and my cousin's husband Vinh (Vietnamese, cool huh?) for some money earning games. My capital is RM10, and i made profit. Huge profit! my investment rewarded me with a 330% return! that's RM23 nett profit! Woohoo!!!

After my biggest winning of gambling ever, we cousins decided to go have some roti canai. So my two bro cousin, my sis cousin with her husband and i went to a roti canai shop near the old Bintulu airport. If you're familiar, you'll know what the attraction of that place is. Want to make a guess of what the picture below is?

After we filled our tummies, it's time for some sleep. Due to lack of space, i migrated from the room i stayed at my grandma's house to the new hotel called New World Hotel above Park City Mall to spend the night with my cousin. Supposedly the two brothers stayed at the hotel, but because my aunt and uncle steal my room, and my sis cousin and her husband slept at my grandma's house too, I have no choice but to sleep at the hotel, while the elder of the two brothers slept with their parents.

The next day is one of the most boring 2nd day of Chinese New Year ever. for the whole day stayed at home, watching TV, sleep, play games, do assignment until night falls. Then at night, went to watch CJ7.

Funny movie, but should have watched KungFu Dunk by Jay Chou, because CJ7 doesn't have much story line in it. Overrated, if you ask me.

Day 3 of the new year is by far the best moment of the CNY break. As you all know, we 5s4 students tend to do crazy stuff, becoz all the studying had fried our brains. This year is no exception. Our bai nian group consists of no less than 15 people, visited no less than 21 houses, which started from 8am till 11pm, non-stop. Although the many houses visited, ang pao money is not that much. Not complaining, in fact I understand, as price hike of stuff and the large group of us, of course not many can give much for ang pao.

Leaved Bintulu For KL on Sunday, same flight with one of my cousin back to KL. One of my friend missed the plane, so he had to take the later AirAsia flight back. When touchdown at KLIA, my cousin bro treated me to a dinner at Eden, a chinese cuisine shop at the airport. One of the best food I've ever eaten, everything is cooked to perfection. This justifies the Rm40 for a small dish of lemon chicken.

Overall, not that fun of a CNY compared to previous years. Reason? family not around, weighted by assignments and test on Monday, and not that much feeling of a chinese new year. As if very solemn. But i should be thankful for being able to celebrate CNY, as compared to some who have to stayed back for studies, or like my family, have to work and study so can't come back.
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At 10:32 am, Blogger LingDi

Happy CNY!
Well, at least you didn't fall sick during CNY..


At 5:38 pm, Blogger lynnx01

I notice most people have assignments to finish. Well, the worst one should be me.. all alone.. miserable CNY here. With exam on my mind.. but 50% done d... can't wait for to get over it. Hehehe..


At 12:19 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

lingdi: u're sick during CNY? i used to always end up coughing on CNY coz days before CNY will eat all the keropok and biscuits ad soft drinks :P

lynnx01: well, i finished my assignment and test, but finals is coming next week, then the week after that, I will start a new chapter of my life in Aus. Hectic....


At 6:44 pm, Blogger < u3! y!nG >

Yea, nvm next year, you will have your chance to celebrate CNY with family. Maybe will even see u then.
:P All the best for finals and hoping to hear about Aus life. :)


At 11:47 pm, Blogger betho should be thankful man...:'(


At 4:26 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

uei ying: kinda weird, coz my family din do much celebration over there, and i join them to "celebrate"? :P

betho: haha, i'll probably be in ur shoes in a few years time.


At 1:44 am, Blogger Sherp

it sounds fun when you write it all out like this! i don see whats not fun abt it hahaha
but i understand that stress can drive us all to the brink of depression.
deeep.. haha

did u guys do shisha?? or was it just on the table for show?
gd luck exam and if i don get to chat to u anytime soon, gd luck when u go to aus!


At 2:27 am, Blogger Pyroboy1911

la, why is going to pay RM12 for the shisha juz for show???


At 5:22 am, Blogger Sherp

eeee.. my frens keep wanting me to do it but i don wana.


At 11:45 pm, Blogger LingDi

Yeah.. I was sick during CNY! Not sure why but, I had on and off fever and a bad sore throat. I didn't eat a lot of those keropok thingie.. Weird.. Haha..


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